About Me


Hi there,

My name is Francis Sanz and I am a Marine Engineer, a Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur.

I am currently living in the lovely Barcelona (Spain) with my wife Elena. 

My childhood was quite normal. I grew up in a humble family that offered me the opportunity to go to college.  

Although it wasn’t my passion, I studied Marine Engineering at UPC University in Barcelona, as my father and other members of my family owned fishing boats.  

I have been always a very ambitious guy, so after the University I went straight to work to develop my career, climbing the corporate ladder as quick as possible.

Having experienced a couple of jobs in Barcelona, I wanted to keep growing and developing so I moved for 3 years to live in the Netherlands.  

That was a great experience however the winters were long and I started to miss home… You know how sunny is in Spain and the food… Mmmm.

So in 2012 I was lucky enough to find a good job in a good company and I came back home.

It was there where I developed my corporate career the most, and after few promotions here and there, I ended having good salaries, so I was having what they call a “successful” career!

But that was far from the truth… I wasn’t really enjoying my job and soon I started feeling trapped and unfulfilled! I was in a path that kept me working 50 – 60 hours a week and when I was arriving late home, I wasn’t really having time and energy left to spend with the people I love or to do the things I wanted to do.

Everyday I was feeling more and more disconnected and stresses with a career that wasn’t really meaningful for me.

That couldn’t be success, so I started asking myself….  WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE FRANCIS?

After some deep thinking, the answer was clear…. NOT THIS.

I certainly wanted to work in something meaningful for me, and obviously I wanted to keep earning a nice amount of money… But most importantly, I wanted to have the time and flexibility to have a young family and spend quality time with them.

And I simply couldn’t see that happening if I just kept going in that career…  

So I went out there trying to find something that would change my life, until one day, back in April 2019… I found SFM.

Thanks to the SFM Educational Programs and tools and the support of its amazing community of entrepreneurs, I’ve been able to build my own Online Business from scratch, and in less than I year start having amazing sales online…  

It has been the support and the guidance provided by them that helped me develop the skills and the mindset required to transition from being an engineer and an employee to becoming a digital entrepreneur.

What an amazing journey so far! I am just so grateful with them because they showed me a way out of the corporate world. An alternative that has nothing to do with traditional business models or franchises… This are business models with much less risk than those old fashioned ones and that anybody can do… Models that arrived with the internet just 10 – 15 years ago.

And it has been SFM that guided and empowered me together with my hard work, consistency and belief that I have been able to reinvent myself and build my own business… A business that I love and soon will give me the freedom and flexibility I want in my life! Hear from other SFM members here.

Now I find myself in a point where I want to give back to others and help people transition from the old fashioned traditional corporate world to the very exciting and achievable world online. 


“I want to open as much peoples eyes as possible to this new digital world full of opportunities… Because there are millions of people unhappy with their careers but they don’t know there is an alternative.” 

Francis Sanz

Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur